Our mission is to produce great theatre and events, which delight and challenge both members of the company and the audience. Our productions and events will combines the skills and experience of established and emerging artists and practitioners to assist people in developing and refining their skills.


Development: Provide opportunities for established and emerging actors, technicians, designers and administrators to develop and refine their skills.

Corporate: Provide Public Speaking Training.

Community: Provide support for the development, promotion and delivery of a range of community events and activities.

Events: Planning, managing and delivering events, including parties, quiz nights, production promotions and corporate events.



Alison Kershaw 

Alison first appeared on stage at the age of 4, her Mum had to come on stage and drag her off. Since then Alison has done almost every job in theatre including, acting, washing costumes for the Royal Shakespeare Company, rigging lighting for rave parties and stage managing American beauty pageants.

In Adelaide Alison has stage managed the Australian International Documentary Conference, a range of TEDxAdelaide events, and a number of theatre productions.

Alison is also a geek, loving to bust myths about technology and the internet. Alison has delivered training and information sessions to a range of audiences across Australia specialising in social media and cyber safety. 

Alison is the founding Chair of South Australian Makers Incorporated and the Chair of the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire. 

Alison directed her first play in 2009, directing The Vagina Monologues.  Acorn Productions when My One and Only was nominated for a Adelaide Theatre Guide award for Best Female Performance.  at the Adelaide Mixed Salad Productions, St Jude Players, Musaic, Velada Flamenco and TEDxAdelaide. Alison founded Acorn Productions in 2009 to support and encourage amateur theatre participants and audiences to take delight in stepping outside their comfort zone.